It’s been a while since I have posted any updates on The Road To Sanctuary. First off the trip was a success. We were able to film two episodes on the road and capture a lot of footage for the Documentary. That was the first goal and it was accomplished. The second stage was to complete the Post production for the documentary which failed to be completed. That being said adjustments in my production team have now been made and the Road To Sanctuary is breathing life again. I expect the documentary to hopefully finish its post-production, with the new team, within the next few months.

    The second project was the ongoing filming of the Road To Sanctuary Mini-Series. Three Episodes total have been filmed and the footage I have will go through the editing when I have locked in the company to complete that process.

   The exciting new direction I have decided to take the Mini-Series is to open the additional episodes to new and upcoming writers, Directors, Videographers and editing houses. This will allow for each episode to take on a life of itself with the unique styles,  while at the same time continuing the same storyline and final destination I had originally wanted. This project, even though a creation of mine will benefit greatly by the sharing of the development with others. Anyone that would like to be a part of the continuing saga of The Road To Sanctuary would just need to email me at CecilGrimesCosplay@gmail.com and give the following info: Their name, Company name if they have one, phone number  address, List of the roles they are wishing to fill (script writer, Director, Actor, Special effects/Makeup, Videographer, Audio Tech, Editing, extras/Zombies) , Links to the work they have completed (YouTube, Vimeo etc.) and links to their social media.

     I will not only be bringing in production teams but also Actors and special effects artists to make this into an open source creation. I’m looking forward to reviewing all the possible candidate’s work and nailing down the people and which episodes they will be assigned to take on.

     This is a new approach and if the logistics of this path cannot come together then I still have the ability to take on a professional production team to complete the project but as you can image the time and money that have been invested only to have the projects delayed has made it necessary to open it to a cooperation. I do see now that adversity is truly the mother of invention and bringing together those that are excited about a project and sharing their talents, that would come together in a much larger creation, is in whole a much nobler course.  

    This is a new world to me, with a learning curve that I hope will grow into an amazing adventure for me and my new teams. This will take a lot of motivation and cooperation to make sure the Road To Sanctuary Does not lose momentum.

     I think this process, in itself, could make a very good documentary also, hmm sounds like there is a lot more to come.

     I want to thank everyone that has supported my endeavors and has patiently awaited the final product to be born. Stay tuned here for updates as I push forward with The Road to Sanctuary.