I have not had time to contact everyone yet for the Sponsorship ads so, due to the time crunch, I have started the go fund me account to help meet our funding goals and complete this Documentary. Just click on the picture below if you would like to support our Venture. Thank You!

   My name is Cecil Garner AKA Cecil Grimes of CecilGrimesCosplay. I’m an award-winning Cosplayer and Impersonator of Rick Grimes, the Lead Character from the AMC Hit TV series The Walking Dead.

    I truly enjoy entertaining and sharing my Cosplay with everyone I meet. I was very happy to win the Walker Stalker Rick Grimes lookalike contest and since that time, conventions have been contacting me with invitations to attend and be featured at their events. To take to the events,  I built a full (but much smaller)  mock-up of the prison from the show and added a live zombie, a professional photographer and Prop weapons. People come into my prison to have a picture taken while they help me put an end to my zombie invasion.

       I have been attending Comic Conventions mostly in the state of Florida and Georgia but that has all changed now with my current opportunity.  I have always been limited to how far I can go to share what I offer, due to the expenses of transporting my set and team. This is why we need your support to take advantage of this new opportunity. 

    I have been invited across the country to multiple conventions from here to the west coast. I have decided to make a go of it and take on 4 cons in 30 days driving over 6000 miles. Due to Cosplay drawing so much attention, I now have a documentary team that will be joining the trip. They will be recording everything I go through and what it's really like to make a run like this. I’m taking a chance to make something big happen and this team will catch all the highs and lows of being on the road, at the conventions and everything in between. To make this happen is expensive and to complete this run I need your support.

    To reach our funding goals I’m selling sponsorship spots on my new black 6 x 10 Zombie Transport trailer that you can see on the previous page.  If you purchase an ad space, the ads will stay on my trailer for the rest of the year, so not only do you help us fund our documentary but you will get exposure from the east to the west coast and everything in between. I'm being featured at some of the largest conventions in the US in the next six months and my trailer along with your ads will be with me through it all.  If you are interested in a sponsorship spot please see the details on the next page and help us make this a reality!

   We have full social media being launched for our trip along with this dedicated website www.RoadtoSanctuary.com. I will be posting videos both on my YouTube channel and Facebook page which will be linked to this website.  We hope everyone enjoys seeing our progress. I want to thank everyone for their interest and support. 


   So please contact me soon if you interested I’m pleased to say there has already been a great response and the spots are limited. 


Cell: 321-794-1949